The Lotus Pool Shawl by Dora Dose in Cherry Blossom Hand dyed by The Wool Kitchen

Planned Pooling

I am so excited to offer planned pooling yarns also know as assigned pooling yarns, fondly known as my Zip yarns where you have a block of colour and a colour pop where all the magic happens!

This beautiful ' The Lotus Pool Shawl' designed by Dora Dose is now available for you to crochet your own version.

See our listing for pattern link and yarn option.

And enjoy every stitch!

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Hand-Dyed yarns...

...that make you want to knit! I’m a true believer in 'enjoying every stitch!' and having a real passion for yarn that has short colour changes and speckles. This means you get all the excitement of what’s coming next - knowing the end results of your knitting will be stunning and wearable. I look forward to our journey together. Enjoy every stitch!

Zip Yarns & Assigned Pooling