Shipping costs

I have tried to simplify my shipping rate out side of the UK, please not that at the time of me booking your shipping I will refund any amount over £2 if you have over paid.  Prices are always changing so please do let me know if you think you have over paid.

EU SHIPPING What a ball of yarn ache!

To my valued EU consumers,

From the 1st July 2021, Due to changes around Brexit re VAT, import tax and handling fees to Europe and no clear pathways for smaller businesses to pay on these charges directly to the EU you will have 2 options for purchasing:

1. You can purchase from this website as previously with the clear understanding that all possible VAT, import taxes and handling fees will be paid by you, on your end as per your country's new agreements with the UK.

2. You can email me your order. Please use 'EU Order' in the subject line of your email and clearly state the yarn, colour and quantities you'd like to order.

I will then raise as an invoice in Etsy - a platform that is currently acting as an EU broker for small businesses, charging any VAT, import tax and handling charges upfront at checkout.  You will receive the Etsy invoice for the order with all charges clearly included and will not be charged any extra on receipt in your country.

I am hoping this will be a temporary measure and further clarification will come soon from the UK government but this is the best workaround for small businesses at present. Thank you so much for bearing with us at this challenging time.

Shipping for the EU until 30th June 2021

I will continue to ship to the EU. It is my understanding that due to My hand-dyed yarns being dyed by me in the UK it means they are processed here in the UK. This means that should be no tax due from the UK end. All packages being sent to the EU will have a costume label that will state this. You may still incur a customs charge due to your country’s tax. The Wool Kitchen is not responsible for this cost and is the responsibility of the buyer.  


I currently do all dyeing, packing, shipping and everything in-between . to keep the show on the road I stick to ......

Shipping will only take place on FRIDAYS ONLY this is to minimise exporter to the amazing staff at my post office who hold my Drop & Go account. 

Throughout this period singed for package will no longer require a signature, please note if it is taken to a sorting office you will now have to rearrange a delivery directly with the Royal Mail website.

As of the 1st of July 2020, Royal Mail has added a ZONE 3 this covers the US, Canada and Mexico. These new tariffs are not reflected in our shipping cost. All packages to zone 3 will now be sent tracked this is due to the time in which it is taking for deliveries to arrive. That way you will receive your tracking number and be able to see where your yarn currently is. 

I have added a 2nd class post, *Again I can not take responsibility for any lost packages on 2nd class post as it is not insured. 


All packages Under £50 will be sent 1st class in the UK we do not take responsibility for lost packages and can only provide post date and receipt number if this occurs.  

If you wish your package to be recorded please see the option at check out. ( this ensures your postage is up to £50)

All packages Under £50 outside of the UK will be sent as standard delivery, we do not take responsibility for lost packages and can only provide post date and receipt number if this occurs.

There is a Track and sign option at checkout. ( This ensures your postage is up to £50).

postage will automatically be sent singed for if over £50 in the UK and Tracked to the rest of the world.   

* Note No claims can be made for lost packages with standard delivery and no refunds or replacement will be provided. If you want to guarantee delivery then please opt for Recorded/ Tracked options this is the responsibility of the buyer. 

** We strongly recommend that for orders over £50 that you opt for recorded delivery (see above point).

Please note that for international orders, the purchaser is responsible for any customs duties or taxes.

If you want something a little quicker then please contact us and we will see what we can do.