Welcome, I’m Helen, the indie dyer of The Wool Kitchen yarns, based in East London. I work from home in my new shed, running my cottage industry.


In between creating hand-dyed yarns and school runs (yes I’m a mother to the future, no pressure), I mostly knit, watch films, drink tea and do my best to avoid tidying up! 


Knitting with hand-dyed yarns and a true love of colour has led me create The Wool Kitchen. So let's not hear “I’m not a good enough knitter!!!” My yarns are for all. Now get yourself some lush yarn that makes you want to craft and throw all your K1/P1 at it! 

Never be afraid of 

Our aim at The Wool Kitchen is to create an inspiring yarn that makes you want to knit. We really believe that working with yarn that you find exciting and inspiring will improve your skill and, most importantly, the level of enjoyment you can achieve while knitting, we say enjoy every stitch!

We use a vast range of dye techniques to create short-change colours that avoid pooling (though I love a good pool party and with the right pattern can still be achieved), along with our ZIP yarn that satisfies the curiosity of introducing colour to your project work without fear of neon overload. But, hey, if you need to itch that colour scratch...say no more!!!!