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Playing with the effect of pooling with hand dyed yarns is Helen's speciality.

We offer two main types of planned pooling yarn - our assigned pooling or long zips; and our zip yarns. All these yarns have a base colour which is then complemented with a burst (or zip) of colour. We are the home of planned pooling yarn in the UK and have been creating these clever effects since we brought out Heterochromia (still one of our best selling yarns). 

Assigned Pooling yarns are designed to create a pool of colour in your project. Designers such as Dawn Barker are using these to great effect. 

Zip Yarns are designed to be low pooling, so that you get a little zip of colour as you are creating your project, as evenly as possible so that you get the effect of colourwork without the stress. We want you to Enjoy Every Stitch!

We have a vast collection of planned pooling yarns to support the amazing projects that you can now create. We currently offer these on our DK bases and 4Ply Sock

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Planned Pooling yarns from the Hand dyed yarn expert The Wool Kitchen