5 years

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to The Wool Kitchen, can you guys quite believe its been 5 years.

From the start!

There was Ziggy! Followed by a whole range of David Bowie-inspired yarns and thankfully you guys loved them.

Ground control!

Zip yarns where born! These fun to knit sock yarns give you a little zip of colour when you knit, enticing even the most subdued knitter into the world of variegated yarns!!!


Based on the idea of Bowie's mismatched eyes Heterochromia has become one of my most popular yarns on both sock and DK.  
So, all in all, it a big massive thank you from me, I’m truly grateful to anyone how has bought yarn or stoped by at a show to say hi!  
Even the non-woolheads who ask after The Wool Kitchen and see how I’m getting on, without you it wouldn’t be as much fun!
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