A KNIT HOT situation

There’s no denying that here in the UK we are experiencing HOT! HOT! weather.

This has created what I can only describe as a
KNIT HOT situation.

I’m an all-year knitter, and the idea of not doing it can leave me a little ‘on edge’...
So, I’m going to share my top tips on knitting your way through a heatwave!

Yarn Choice

Pick your yarn appropriate to the weather! It seems obvious when you say it out loud, but I have found myself on a sunny beach with an Aran-weight woollen with only one sleeve to go!!!

I would recommend a 4ply weight yarn with a mix.

Above is our Merino silk-based 50/50. It gives good stitch definition, is lightweight, and lends itself to shawls and light tees. It’s super soft yet incredibly strong.

Pattern Choice

If you are an avid sock knitter then look for alternatives to nylon. We are very proud of our BFL and Bamboo sock base offer from the kitchen. It was the first base I dyed and it has remain a strong friend of mine!

Bamboo offers strength, and its antibacterial and cooling properties make it a perfect summer sock knit yarn! 

Oh, and we love Grellow love socks by Clare Devine.


Swatch, Swatch, Swatch!

Every pattern tells us to do it, but I’m going to guess that only 1 in 3 do! 

There are many benefits to knitting swatches. Ultimately it helps you to check you are knitting the right size. We are all different - that means our knitting style and gauge will be too! One knitter’s 4.5mm could easily be my 3.25mm to get the same number of stitches per 10cm (yes, I’m that slack). 

Play with colour. This is your chance to go as wild as you like!! I had a few goes at finding the right combination for my project. 

One of the biggest benefits to swatching is they are small, easily portable and a good way of practicing. Think of all the new techniques you can try.

What’s more, if you cannot face a new project you could swatch for all the things you want to knit in the future - these small squares will keep you knitting thought the summer!!!

Someone who is even more passionate about the the swatch is Wendy, AKA yarnsub on Instagram. I will pop her link here:
https://yarnsub.com/ You will find loads of tips there!

Picking a project!

We have all spent many hours in the Ravelry rabbit hole, and still found nothing to knit or just not the right thing.

Look back at the list of things you have knitted and designers you have enjoyed to knit in the past. What have they got to offer for this time of year? And ALWAYS have a look at what others peoples’ projects look like. Don’t just rely on the pattern pictures.

I’m no model so I need to see how it looks on others I can identify with. This has definitely made me rethink some ideas. I have opted for Tarmac by Anna Maltz: 

Important sun safety needed at all times!

It’s really important to enjoy your project so remember to keep well hydrated in this weather.

Always wear your sunscreen, stay in the shade if possible and tell your family and friends to never leave an unattended knitter in a locked parked car as we really do lose track of time!

And most important of all: If summer knitting is not your thing then that’s absolutely fine, its not an elite club! It’s a place where you can come and go and no judgment is made. Read a good book and make a list of your winter wish knit list instead. 

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