Frida is coming to town!

For those of you that have been on The Wool Kitchen journey, you will know that I may have a little obsession with Frida Kahlo! This is not a new affair it started many years ago when I did my A level in art at college.
Well, I’m sure you can imagine my over-excitement when the Victoria and Albert Museum announced that Frida (well her worldly possessions) are coming to town!


Many of you will be familiar with ‘Hello Frida’, the first of my Frida inspired yarns,  based on this image of the Woman herself. It was the beginning of my yarn Frida love affair...

Becoming Kahlo....

Most of my Frida colours are on our luxury Merino silk base. It’s amazing to work with; takes colour slowly, allowing an even rich colour, that then can be glazed to create depth. I was incredibly lucky to work with Sarah Shepherd who designed the Jags and Jewell’s shawl. Sarah drew inspiration from a traditional Mexican stitch to create this Frida loving shawl. 
Pattern available here...


All that’s gold!

Frida loved to dress up! And jewellery was one of her key accessories.
’Kahlo’ is a rich gold yarn on our merino silk base that truly glows. This yarn is designed to sit alongside all of our Frida colourways. 


Magdalena Carman Frida Kahlo.....A very colourful name!
Every time I see an image of Ms Kahlo there is a glow that is captured and this is how I see her!

Casa Azul

This is the Blue House, Frida’s childhood home; deep blue with a mauve glow! I hope that one day, I too will visit this place.
She returned to this house when she divorced her husband Diego. They would later remarry.

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