November News & Pooling Knit Tips


On my needles!

I love to knit sweaters, so why not knit one of my most loved wearable jumper.
Enso by East London Knit, is knit in the round with a beautifully constructed shoulder which is really flattering.   
My yarn of choice is  Nebula one of my favourite hand dyed  ZIP yarns and I really have enjoyed every stitch! 
I’m even wizzing though sleeve Island. Yay! 

Find this easy and fun to knit pattern
So you can see Enso in all her glory this is one I knit earlier. 
It truly is a wear it winner!

Fresh out the pan!
I have added “Neon Camo’ a modern take on well loved wardrobe colour stable to our best selling Bluefaced Leicester DK yarn! For all your sweater dreams.
I can not wait to see this new colour out in the wild so if you obtain a skein or two then keep me posted with your projects *hastag thewoolkitchen.


Knit Tips!!

I love a good pool party but even I don’t want to hang out in the same place all the time! 

Pooling is always determined by the pattern size you are knitting, your tension and where the same colour falls with in the yarn, and where is meeting on the previous knitted row. 

Remember pooling is not a bad thing it is part of the beauty of hand dyed yarns combined with your natural gauge and always varies from project to project!!!

Placement of pooling or avoiding it altogether can be easily achieved by...

Alternating Skeins this is simply taking 2 skeins from the same dye batch and alternating the yarn every round in circular knitting carrying the yarn up at the beginning of the round, or every other row with flat knitting by carrying the yarn up one side. 

Tying a section off,  this is the method I use for my project you very simply make a loop in your yarn at the beginning of a round or row and tie it off. This means you have a removed a section of yarn meaning the colour change has shifted. Be warned this means you have a few more ends to sew in but it means you get a dappled section of colour more evenly placed. 

Either method is ones I have tried and they work, however, I mostly just free knit and let the yarn do the magic, after all, that’s part of its beauty. 
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