What is this Assigned Pooling thing?

What is this Assigned Pooling thing?

There are these buzz words in the air 'Assigned Pooling', or 'Planned Pooling' have you heard about it? Either way, yes or no, I want to share what all the fuss is about and how this may just change the way you feel about a pool party!

When I started dying yarn nearly 10 years ago (more about that later in the year) there was a real emphasis on people wanting to know if my yarn would pool. This means when a section of the same colour stacks up in your project and creates a section of pooled colour. It was a real marmite topic, you either loved it or hated it and the overall trend was how to avoid it in your finished garments.


This took me on a dyeing journey and the Zip yarns we born! These have a little section where all the fun happens but knits a fab sock or sweater with next to no pooling unless you want it to!

Which leads us to...


I was first approached by Joanne from the Crochet project in 2019 about using Nebula zip yarn for a crochet shawl where you create a "bobble with the colourful end of the yarn". As if by magic, 'Stop Drop and Pop' was born. This shawl was fun and exciting and like nothing I had see before.

Skip forward just a few years and this type of yarn manipulation has amazing patterns in our yarns -Loopillism shawl by Helda Panagary in Pink pop Merino/Nylon Sock 4ply and Ginan by Abbey Bongers in M2-9 4ply featured in Moorit Magazine A/W2022.

Thanks to designers like Jo, Helda, Abby, Dawn Barker, Samatha Baker & Lesley Anne Robinson to name just a few, they are changing how we approach hand dyed yarns and the beautiful uniqueness you can only achieve from hand dyeing.

And the best thing about all of this, is that I dye yarns that work for these amazing designers, choose between Zip yarns or Long zips depending on the effect you are after.

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