Collection: Double Knit (DK)

Tell your friends!! Automatic discount on your sweater quantities of DK yarn on the website, meaning if you need more we have you! You can also mix and match across our different colourways.

It works like this - the first 4 skeins are at full cost followed by a rolling discount for every additional skein added! So basically, add 5 skeins you get 5% off on that 5th skein, add 6 Skeins you get 6% off on skein 5 & 6. This keeps going, so add 10 skeins and you get 10% on skeins 5,6,7,8,9,& 10! and so on up to a total of 14 at 14% on all skeins after skein 4.

Double Knit (DK)